The Opportunity


We live on a planet where a vast amount of money, resources and willpower are going into the colonization of the planet Mars. This is a quest that is changing industries and creating economies. The effort is multinational, and is in part driven by how we have been interacting with our home planet and the need for an alternative one.

Shifting the focus a bit, we see the same push being made on the outskirts of towns or in rural settings across the united States for America. I see many examples of recreational vehicles and tiny homes being used as adjunct and semi-permanent housing. These relative outposts exist across economic sectors in remote ‘front lines’ across our border regions, forests, and managed lands. This points to a cultural phenomenon in which RVs and tiny homes are being used differently than the product’s initial gestalt suggested, and in a way the creators might not have anticipated.

The Mars Aquatic Reclamation System (MARS) tips hat to the similarities between the technologies designed to make life in outer space possible, and the ones we could develop to continue to make life on Earth sustainable. MARS is a product designed and developed by RV users, to solve the issue of Black and Grey water in a way that is pest and odor free, simple to use, beautiful, and PORTABLE.

diagram of system

The MARS creates water for reuse in the garden, recycled methane for use as heating for the MARS system, and treated sludge for composting. It is self-contained and portable, and it can work stand alone or with an existing septic tank. MARS comes with a greenhouse/roof cover solution that works in colder climates and has settings for extra visitors and extra waste as well as vacation modes. It is scalable, modular, and designed to make maintenance and repairs simple and easy.

Currently, we have a designated pilot site for two MARS models that are under development.. We are looking for investors interested in the opportunity to fund this promising technology, as we complete the research and development, test our models, and streamline the function and design.

contour drawing of system