Our Solution: MARS

MARS Aquatic Reclamation Systems comprise three classes of products:


1) the Kit: with full instructions and parts to create your own standard system. This kit will come with enough information to put the system together, a list of parts included (bulkhead fittings, tube, PVC, sump pumps, floater valves, bar valves, etc) and not included (like a trailer or in the tanks which are better procured locally). It also comes with a plant list, clear instructions, a syllabus for outside research, and a customer service line for questions.

2) Standard: there is the stock, out-of-the-box version which is self-contained, mobile if needed, and has standard construction methods and parts that can be put together before-hand, and the product is constructed, loaded with plants and half full containers, taken to the client and installed, and the client trained and resourced with a customer service line.

3) Customizable: if the clients have a specific need or application they can work with us to create customized versions for their specific applications. They will be taken to the customer as well and installed, and the customer will be trained by one of our specialists.

Each class of product will come with a vacation re-circulation mode, accessories for different climates, integrated speed adjustment for the addition or subtraction of waste needs gradually, and are modular and scalable for additional need.

For off-grid applications, an additional wind/solar/battery accessory package will enable us to install your system to run on it’s own to the greatest extent possible.

These systems extend beyond RV’s and trailers, and can include systems for homes, remote outposts, and tourism applications.