Sales & Marketing Strategy

The pricing for these systems will range from $6500 for the kits, upwards of $12,000 for the non-custom options, and upwards of $15,000 for the customized units. Taking our marching orders from the solar industry, we will also be working with local policy makers to provide pipelines for these classes of purchases and government rebates and deductions available, and also we will outline and steward clients through a process of gaining bank loans and other short-term loan options.

We are also in the process of conglomerating a database of current state by state water treatment policies, and ways that we are working within those constraints.

We are actively looking for partners with large scale needs to adopt and fund smaller pilot prototype systems that would then be able to scale up across the sector. Examples of these sectors include but are not limited to:

1) Forest / Park Service Camps

2) Mining

3) Utilities Developers

4) Forward Operation Centers for Border Patrol

5) Farming Communities

6) Field Military Operations

7) Remote Research Facilities

As part of the research and development of the initial pilot systems, we are researching opportunities and strategies for reducing the retention times and overall footprint of these systems with the exploration of biofilms, algae mats, supplemental bacteria and nutrient packs, and other ground breaking sustainable technologies that we encounter.

With the addition of a simple UV filter at the output pipe, the potential for this as a means to generate potable water is also to be explored.