Market Analysis

Similar to the Tiny House market sector in which you can purchase a stock Tiny House or order one with special customizations, MARS is a product that is offered in stock sizes, and which is also customizable to suit specific climates, use-cases, and system sizes.

A cursory internet search will demonstrate the ways that the Tiny House, RV and trailer markets have been increasing steadily since 2017, and particularly in 2020. As a result of the 2020 global pandemic and the subsequent lock-down, people have shied away from crowded indoor entertainment and searched for safer recreational opportunities in the outdoors. People are on the move, changing the way they live, and they are looking for solutions in a way they have not before.

There is no other water filtration system like this on the market, and the market conditions that would call for a product like this are increasing daily.

A quote from an article in the most recent Washington Post Magazine titled “The Outsider” by Sadie Dingfelder . According to historian Terence Young, author of “Heading Out: A History of American Camping” during the 1918 flu pandemic, being outside was considered (correctly) to be healthier than the indoors, and that seeded a surge of car-based camping. Here is Dingfelder quoting Young (then she sites her own statistic at the end): “ ‘The popularity of car camping really exploded after the pandemic, in the 1920s. I think we’re going to see that happen again, but with RVs this time.’ (Indeed, RV shipments to dealers have jumped 4 percent this year and are expected to increase by 19 percent in 2021.)”

Here are some screenshots from Google Trends over the past 5 years:

Composting Toilet


Septic Service


RV Waste


Recreational Vehicle


Septic Tank


RV Rental


RV Sales


Used RV

Some interesting statistical correlations in the above data certainly exist. The first is between Composting Toilet (x) and Recreational vehicle (y).


Composting Toilet vs Recreational Vehicle

The second between RV waste (x) and Septic Service (y):


RV Waste and Septic Services


All together graphed below, the visual trend is obvious:

All coorelations in one big chart


As this collection of Google Trend charts comprised of all of the data searches across its platform over time clearly indicates, significant societal concepts are correlating, and the changes they point to will create a spike in demand for these types of products.


RV and Tiny home owners or renters, and larger scale forest service and border patrol outposts are not wishing they could treat their own waste water (there is currently no suitable product on the market or available) as much as they wish they did not have to pay to get the septic tank pumped for economic reasons. They have never had the option of a mobile, self-contained, solar-aquatic water treatment device. The idea has not taken root yet, but it will.


At the same time, and particularly in cities across the western United States, there is a water conservation movement pushing policy changes to establish a water credits system (to mirror the carbon credits system already in place) and to make private, self-contained water treatment systems legal in various states and townships. We are also helping to push forward these policy considerations and we are positioned in a unique way at this moment to establish the keystone private water treatment brand for this market.